Terms & Conditions

-Reasons for a Product Return-

We accept returns no longer than 30 days, and with reasonable reason, among which are: incorrect size, incorrect product, exceeding 15 days in shipping, or product in very bad conditions.

Incorrect Size Ordered.

If this product does not show any size, we can make the immediate return.

We make the products one by one and these products cut with computerized machines, the measurements are almost exact, we have a margin of error of 1/8 ", we show the size of the product in the title, or first bullet, or in the photos. 

The customer is responsible to read the SIZE and PRICES of your products before buying, if you have a question please send us an email. Do not buy the product if you are not sure of the measures of this.

Product Did Not Match Description on Website or in Catalog

If the product is not as described in the title or bullet or description, we can make the immediate return.

We guarantee that the product you buy is the one you will receive, with the size and color specific.

Delivery time

All our products have an delivery time of 15 days maximum, from the date of purchase until the day of shipment, we try to send your product as fast as possible in many cases this time is very short depending on the complexity of your product.

The customer is responsible that his mailbox can receive packages.

The customer is responsible to be aware of the notes left by the shipping companies.

We are responsible for delivering a package in good condition to the shipping companies and they are responsible for sending them.

 We trust in the veracity of the shipping companies, when they tell us that the package is delivered

Product in Very Bad Conditions

We have three quality controls before sending your handmade products, a control in the wood cutting, a control in the making of the product and the last control in the packaging.

HANDYCT has more than 10 years in the manufacture and sale of products, we work with wood of very good quality.

The wood products are decorative and do not fulfill a structural function, these can be broken if they use it badly.

The clients are responsible for reading the specifications of use that we put in our products.



We do not accept this type of fraud


Wardrobing is a specific type of consumer fraud where a customer buys an item and uses it for a one-time purpose with the intent of returning it after the fact. For instance, a customer might buy a new TV just to watch the Super Bowl, only to return it once the party’s over, expecting a full refund.

Deliberate Fraud

An addition to wardrobing, criminal fraud contributes to excessive returns. This type of return usually involves purchasing items with counterfeit money or stolen credit or debit cards and returning them for a refund, which the returners usually want in cash.