Automatic Adjustment System,No controls required is automatic system.

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This heavy-duty, tamper-proof, hard-connect model is specially designed to meet the requirements of Property Managers. Operates automatically, no maintenance, no buckets, no filters.

This unit simply don't have controls. The built-algorithm will automatically adjust based on the seasonal conditions and will ensure that the optimal conditions are met within the apt/condo in which is it installed.

It's made to allow property managers/building owners to allow their tenants to have great air quality without having to worry about the tenant adjusting the system and not getting the benefits of the system; which could lead to increase in contaminant in the air, like Mold Growth and other things like that.

The perfect solution to tenant complaints of mold, high humidity, odors, and other indoor air quality issues.

- No high electricity bills, uses only 34 Watts for Super Energy-Efficiency.
- Exhaust-only for quick installation.
- Helps lower the need for costly repairs.

This slim-profile digital unit is quiet, unobtrusive, and compact. The internal control uses our proprietary smart technology, adjusting the output as changes in humidity, temperature, and dew point trends occur. Whether you leave for extended periods of time, or turn the heat or air conditioner on or off, the sensor detects the changes and automatically sets the most efficient operating mode.

Heavy Duty
Model Type: Automatic Adjustment System
Installation area: Apartments - Condos
Air Flow: 125 CFM
Service Area: Up to 2,000 sq. ft.
Dimensions: H 24" x W 9.5" x D 5.5â€
Weight: 7.5 Lbs
Electrical: 34W Max / 115 V @ 60 Hz